Saba travel guide

Saba sits majestically at the peak of a submerged extinct volcano. As such, the island abounds with stunning vistas of dramatic cliff faces and spectacular rocky shorelines. With only one road ('The Road') and a population of less than 1,500, Saba is the most unspoilt island of the former Netherlands Antilles, and the superb preservation of the island's unique ecosystem has earned it the nickname of 'The Unspoiled Queen'.

In fact, until 50 years ago, Saba was a secluded oasis, having neither an airport nor a sheltered harbour. There are four villages, which until recently were only connected by thousands of steps cut into the rock. A road now links the airport with the island's capital, The Bottom. The Bottom is situated 250m (820ft) above the ocean on a plateau surrounded by volcanic domes.

Saba, a special municipality of The Netherlands, was a member of the Netherland Antilles until it was dissolved on 10 October 2010.